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About CPC

Delivering quality since the 80s

CPC offers end-to-end supply chain solutions of electro-mechanical products. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities includes SMT assembly, digital printed electronics and tailor-made electro-mechanical assembly (B2S, B2P). We are privately held company , located in Israel, with more than 35 years of experience in business.

CPC’s driving force is our desire to be instrumental to our customers’ success. We know that today's it’s not enough to simply deliver a high-quality product; Therefore, we deliver value to every aspect of your product's supply chain. 

The main advantage of having CPC as a partner is found in our early engagement, starting from the design phase. Our engineers may design a product for you or support you while you do the design. Either way, you gain by managing the process of product engineering through manufacturing under one roof.

Our Driving Force

Our Main
Added Value 

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