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CPC designs and manufactures a wide range of customized control assemblies and sub-systems for the avionic-defense market. We are AS9100D  certified and have in-house comprehensive capabilities to design and manufacture your flight critical system, certifiable or certified product. Flexibility is a key feature of our organisation and, as a result, we are able to produce prototypes, small batches as low as a one off, and larger quantities.

Avionic Rugged Computers

Avionic Controls & Panels Assembly

When lives depend on precise, efficient Human-Machine Interfaces, customers worldwide depend on CPC’s vast experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of highly ruggedized, full custom defense and commercial display bezels, illuminated keypads and Integrated Switch Panels (ISP).

Customized Bezel Keyboard

Avionic Rugged Computers

Whether intended for multi-function, situational, navigation, command/control or weapons system control, each bezel or panel is ideally suited for the applications specified. Multiple programmable keys, soft keys, keyboard designs, switches, toggles and/or computer data inputs can be accommodated, including inputs seamlessly integrated with touch screen display technology. Highly readable in both bright daylight and low light conditions, they can also provide outstanding night vision (NVIS/NVG) readability as all HMI inputs can feature selective dimming to very low NIT levels

Our Testing Capabilities

Avionic Rugged Computers

Environmental / Electrical Testing

  • Thermal (-60°C to +150°C, 10°C per minute)

  • Vibration (3 axis, 50 grms +, all frequency)

  • Altitude Chambers

  • Water testing (dunker, Land Based Tests)

  • Insulation Resistance and Dielectric Strength

  • Spectrum Analyzer for EMI Testing (MIL-STD 472 & RTCA-160)

Optical Equipment

  • Goniophotometer for light intensity by angle

  • Spectro-radiometric equipment

  • Surface lighting measurements

  • Spirocon System for HID lighting systems

  • NVIS NRa and NRb measurements

  • Effective candela measurements

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