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Value-Added Services

We’ve worked with a company who makes a medical device and we’ve made 8,000 units with them over the years. They wanted to have capacitive touch and we explained it to them but they still didn’t get it. We went ahead and manufactured a prototype overlay, and then they had that ‘aha!’ moment, where they said that’s exactly what they wanted.

We sometimes take a step backwards, build a product's front by 3D printing first and let our customers experience their product before going through with roughs and designs. It is just one example of CPC's value-added services to make your buying experience as convenient as possible.

Inventory Management Flexibility

CPC has developed world class capabilities in the areas of sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing & inspection. These have enabled us to provide market-leading, independent supply chain and logistics services. With this breadth of capabilities CPC is uniquely placed to drive down your real acquisition and operating costs, reduce lead times and provide a leading edge on technology products. 

Kanban Programs

Consignment Stock

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Quicker Delivery

Our job is to be able to move quickly to help our customers get to market faster. Because we have such a library of designs built over the years, it allows us to move a lot quicker-we don’t start from scratch every time we build something.


We take what we’ve learned from previous designs to help us move quicker.

Creative Approach

Our integrated and creative approach to product design stems from our obsession with finding the perfect balance between user experience, style, ergonomics and engineering. When in the process of creating a product design, our method also aims to simplify production while reducing costs.

CPC's Points Of Differentiation