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A key advantage of CPC Solutions is our ability to create concepts and develop them into finished products. With a set of specifications and customer supplied drawings there are many companies that can make a quality part, but how many that can determine, design, and develop the best part for your application? CPC , and does!

Our goal is not merely to meet minimum standards, but to make parts that exceed your expectations while keeping costs in check. We ensure everything works harmoniously, and the part has a quality feel with satisfying heft and smooth operation. 

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Engineering

Line of Sight into Your System...

Your unique product may require a custom control panel or user interface specifically designed for it - not something that comes out of a standard parts bin. Call us at the very beginning of your new project for the best results. We’ll review your product goals, application criteria, environmental requirements, performance targets, user requirements, and budget to determine the right technology to use for your application.

Then we create new concepts or refine your concepts into a practical solution. We’ll create prototypes and a full documentation package giving you the opportunity to approve the design before committing to tooling. Upon approval of prototypes, the parts are refined as required, and we quickly ramp up production to fill your requirements.