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CPC design engineers work closely with you, offering expert recommendations and support to create a dependable membrane keyboard design that is built in our ISO-certified facility to meet your application requirements.


Our strength is the broad array of construction options we offer, allowing you to choose the optimal construction to meet your goals for performance, aesthetics, budget and delivery.

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Box Build Aseembly | B2P Assembly

Keyboards & Controllers

Typical Silver Flex Membrane Switches - Specifications &  Benefits

The features and benefits of silver flex membrane switches make them the most common construction for custom flexible membrane keypads. When compared to costly electro-mechanical switch assemblies, silver flex membrane switches stand out for their affordability, plus a host of other features and benefits such as,

  • Extremely thin construction saves design space

  • Sealed construction is resistant to moisture & contaminants

  • Low-profile surface is cleaned easily

  • Easy, one-piece, one-operation assembly

Design Options Offered by Silver Flex Membrane Switches

  • Tactile and non-tactile with either metal or polyester tactile domes

  • Pillow or rim-embossed graphic overlays

  • Embedded LEDs

  • Fiber optic backlighting

  • EL (Electroluminescent) backlighting

  • Rigid backers such as aluminum and FR4

  • EMI/RFI shielding

  • Graphic overlays that can be digitally printed, screen printed, or a combination of both

  • The graphic overlays can incorporate transparent and tinted display windows, as well as selective textures and UV hardcoat surface finishes

  • Standard connectors on .100” centers or prepared for zif connections

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