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Printed Flexible Heaters and Sensing Elements

Why Medical Device OEMs Choose CPC Interface Products



Ease of Cleaning, Wipedown & Sterilization

Preventing the possibility of infection caused by the medical environment is of critical importance. Because HMIs get touched and handled so often, they can often be a prime contamination source-this makes the ability to easily wipe down and sterilize medical interface equipment a key factor in mitigating infection risks. With decades of experience in this market, CPC can provide the right technology and the right designs to ensure easy cleaning and sterilization without affecting performance.

Medical Interface Solutions

High Chemical Resistance

It is commonplace for hospitals and medical facilities to use potent chemicals in their operations. Some materials used in medical HMIs can degrade after repeated or prolonged exposure to these chemicals. That’s why CPC Electronics utilizes materials that provide both high performance and excellent resistance to harsh chemicals. Our medical interface solutions are designed for durability and reliability in even the toughest environments.

Mitigating Risk Through Quality & Regulatory Support

No other industry requires as stringent regulatory support as the medical sector, making it crucial that medical equipment manufacturers be prepared to support their customers from a quality and regulatory perspective. CPC has years of experience in helping OEMs in the medical market navigate their quality and regulatory needs, from providing complete product traceability to mitigating risks associated with the use of our products.

Disposable Medical Sensors

CPC has been manufacturing disposable medical sensors for more than a decade. In doing so, we have helped pioneer a number of effective manufacturing processes for this unique arena. Product development has been extremely active in this exploding market, and we are ideally positioned to support the evolution of your disposable medical devices. From membrane switches to specialized medical circuits to graphic overlays, CPC offers complete interface solutions. We provide custom solutions tailored to your unique application.