Medical Applications

CPC is ISO 13485 Certified

High Volume Manufacturing

Dual ISO Certifications Mean We Know The Medical Equipment Industry

CPC is certified in both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

For you, it means a few things

Your Specific Process Control are documented

You won’t have to worry whether the specific process controls you require for your products have been met or not. At CPC Solutions, it’s documented in our ISO certifications.

FDA Readiness

at any time

We understand how your industry works. When you are working with the FDA & process questions come up, you can rest assured we’re on the same page and can provide you the detailed data you need to satisfy your regulatory requirements.

We know the industry,

the terminology & protocols

We speak your industry’s language. With our years of experience & our certifications, our staff is fully fluent in the same medical equipment regulatory environment that you are working in every day.


At CPC, we fully understand that we build medical equipment that may one day be used for helping our family, friends or even ourselves.  We share a sense of responsibility to maintain the highest quality in our work and deliver our OEM's products as soon as we can. COVID-19 days emphasis our day-to-day passion for building products that simply save lives.