New Product Introduction (NPI)

What is the right NPI engagement point?

CPC’s point of entry is dictated by your willingness to incorporate our skills into your design process. If you intend on keeping all of the design work in-house, your initial engagement with us might be at the prototype stage. If you are intent on outsourcing at a higher level of assembly and are inclined to look towards our assistance with component selection, cost containment, and DFMA analysis, then you would be well served if you engage with us at the earliest stages of product development and set up with us a multi-faceted NPI engagement plan that include of the above and more.

How can CPC ensures the project success?

From CPC's vantage point, there are three critical elements for project success: the creation of effective teams, a reporting format that will communicate any issues that result in schedule misalignment,  and a full understanding of expected deliverable.

In new product change is a certainty. CPC experienced team is responsible for understanding the change outcome on time. Our weekly reporting method assist in identifying misalignment in areas such as schedule or cost and communicating it for appropriate and timely action.

By virtue of our involvement with variety of customers and industries, CPC can be a great source of information when it comes to the selection of raw material with an eye towards availability and multiple approved sources. Elaborating your knowledge base of information once you choose a main component by reflecting the current and predicated ease of source may have critical impact in production phase. Early engagement with CPC enable us to share with you the responsibility and minimize the potential risks to both parties while we manufacture your product.

Before we start, what can you expect for free?

While both parties evaluate a potential collaboration, CPC offers a flavor for the types of considerations that more frequently find their way into design and development activities.


A few of them are: cost constraints, raw material availability &lead-time, sourcing risk analysis, product manufacturability and yields analysis. As your potential partner we will aspire to build up trust by sharing with you our preliminary supply chain strategy for maximizing the pipeline flexibility while minimizing your liability. It is one of our ways to share with your the specific project risks.

What can you expect from us in prototype phase?

Once It’s time to turn the concept into reality and manufacture a few prototypes we will provide design feedback as appropriate. Feedback areas include, but are not limited to the following:

• Confirmation of BOM and print accuracy
• Early-stage validation that the product design is manufacturable
• Form, fit and function meet expectations
• Preliminary test-out for DFMA
• Preliminary baseline established for a repeatable and controlled process
• Preliminary foundation established for functional test development

How can we ensures you a smooth transition
to sustaining manufacturing?

Product and design verification is complete. Final product configuration has been established and engineering change orders (ECOs) have been issued. In the pre-production/product-process verification stage, preparations are made for full-scale production. From an CPC’s standpoint, those preparations should include the following:

• Process remaining ECOs, comparing the ECO content against the original requests
  for deviation submitted during the earlier stages, insuring that all documentation

  is current and reflective of the final design.

• Verify BOM and review cost
• Finalize and release process documentation, including quality control plans.

• Finalize plans for functional test, including fixturization

• Review supply chain issues, including preparation for contract pricing on cost

  drivers (if applicable), reconfirming lead-times and lot sizing
• Review production plan, including creation of work cells, capacity planning

  based upon forecasts, etc.

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