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PCBA Assembly

SMT | CPC Solutions

CPC is a highly qualified, surface-mount, PCB assembly house.  We provide both surface mount prototyping and volume production runs by means of both manual and automatic SMT assembly procedures. Single- and double-sided placement  is executed by our trained assembly technicians. By utilizing CPC's PCBA assembly services, you can focus on your circuit and layout designs while we ensure your PCBs are fabricated and assembled according to your design specifications.

We have the capabilities to assemble the following: BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, uBGA. We also can assemble a variety of other minute chip packages having a pitch of 0.2 mm (8 mils) or bigger. We are fully capable of assembling through-hole components. Our staff is able to work with chip packages as tiny as 0201 for passive components.

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